• How It Works video How it works
    Child friendly and easy to use features help to ensure a quick and safe escape. Simply open the window, place the fire escape ladder outside and escape to safety.

  • Emgergency Ready Feature Video Always There & Emergency Ready
    Never worry about finding your ladder in the event of an emergency. This ladder is always located beneath an exit window for a faster escape.

  • Fire Ladder Deployment Video Easy To Deploy
    Make your escape as easy as possible. The self-deploying ladder rungs extend into a full ladder when dropped out of the window.

  • Fire Strap Safety Video First-Step Assistance Strap
    Your family's first step is a safe one with the help of this exclusive strap. It is designed to be held as you exit the window and securely position yourself on the ladder.

  • Fire Practice Drills Feature Video Unlimited Use for Practice Drills
    Be reassured that your family knows exactly what to do and how to do it by practicing an escape. Ladder rungs can be repacked after each use allowing your family to practice as often as needed.

Werner Fire Escape Ladders

Available In 2- and 3-Story Models

When a fire occurs in a multi-story home, it can quickly spread leaving no way out but through an upstairs window, causing danger to everyone inside. These situations typically end in serious injury or death. Most residential fires occur at night while family members sleep and spread too quickly for the fire department to respond. For the best chance of survival, you should be able to escape from an upstairs window within 30 seconds.

Werner introduces the only Fire Escape Ladder designed for a faster escape. This ladder is designed with your family's safety in mind with easy to use and child friendly features. It installs underneath a window in a second or third story home, fits in standard 4" walls and can be painted to match the room’s decorative style. When seconds matter, escape faster™ with the Werner Fires Escape Ladder. Available in a 2- and 3-Story models.

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  • Ladder istalled in the wallAlways There
    Ladder can never be misplaced

  • Ladder installed in wall with door openEmergency Ready
    Permanently secured to the interior of your home prior to an emergency

  • Ladder being deployedEasy to Deploy
    Ladder fully extends when release strap is pulled

  • Fire safety strap being usedFirst-Step Assistance Strap
    Provides extra stability when positioning yourself on the ladder

  • Ladder being repackagedUnlimited Use for Practice Drills
    Ladder can be repacked after each use

  • Ladder steps are groovedAnti-Slip, Flat Ladder Rungs
    Each step is grooved to prevent slipping

  • Multiple family members on the ladder1,200 lbs. Weight Support
    Can support multiple family members at the same time

  • Ladder is strongHeat Resistant
    Stays strong in high heat situations

  • Ladder recessed in the wallRecessed Installation
    Fits within standard 2"x4" construction style

  • Ladder painted to match the wallBlends with decor
    Can be painted to match the room’s decorating style

Werner Fire Escape Ladder open with rungs exposed 
2-Story Fire Escape Ladder
Model No. ESC-220
Unit Dimensions 15-1/4" (w) x 8-1/2" (h)
Extended Ladder 17' 2"
Box Dimensions 18" (w) x 10-1/2" (d) x 7-1/2" (h)
Weight 17.5 lbs.

3-Story Fire Escape Ladder
Model No. ESC-330
Unit Dimensions 15-1/4" (w) x 11" (h)
Extended Ladder 24’ 8"
Box Dimensions 18" (w) x 13-1/2" (d) x 7-1/2" (h)
Weight 23.2 lbs.
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